Balcom’s Cove

Housing Category

The mid-rise development was constructed utilizing cast-in-place and pre-cast panels for ultimate soundproofing. The two-tower development is connected by a spacious community room on the fifth floor. Each of the 56 two-bedroom units are approximately 1,400 sq.ft. and feature: a balcony with lakefront views, inside parking, an extra storage unit, a boat slip with floating docks and individual pedestals supplying 50 amp and 30 amp service, as well as CATV.

The building features a fully equipped sprinkling system installed to National Fire Protection Agency standards with a separate riser for each building, and a diesel fire pump provided as backup for sprinkling system in case of power loss. The elevator and stairway shafts are pressurized with a smoke evacuation system, which automatically activates with fire alarm system.

The development also includes a security system that works in conjunction with the telephones in each condominium, enclosed garages, bridges, and hallways provide shelter from weather, and a snowmelt heated driveway keeps the driveway clear during the winter months. Each building was equipped with a gas generator and automatic switch. In the event of power loss, all vital systems will be fully functional.

Title: Balcom’s Cove
Location: Muskegon, Michigan
Budget: $18,000,000
Size: 80000.0