Bissell Innovation Center

Commercial/Retail Category

This is a renovation of an existing high bay warehouse and receiving dock to accommodate the Bissell Research and Development department, marketing and sales teams, and their new “Customer Experience” area.

The open floor plan supports an informal seating area, a coffee shop and tech bar. A patio garden area extends the meeting areas to open air meeting space, and ties the coffee shop to the Customer Experience center. A private dog kennel has also been added to enhance the Pet Care Division of Bissell.

Unique Features:
32′ High custom water feature with Bissell logo built into it located at the front entry.
Raised Access Flooring ssytem in office areas and conference rooms for cabling and air management.
State of the art lighting control system with “day light harvesting” features.
Winner of 2010 ABC Excellence in Construction Winner $4 – $10 million

Title: Bissell Innovation Center
Location: Walker, Michigan
Postal code: 49544
Phase: complete
Delivery method: Design-Build
Budget: $7,400,000
Size: 40000.0