Walmart Supercenter #1936

Commercial/Retail Category

The ground this building sits on is considered ‘fat’ clay, with some of the highest plastic index values for clay in the entire state of Michigan. To prevent the building and parking lot from eventually sinking, the entire site was lime stabilized. Lime was tilled into the top 18 inches of the subgrade, changing the soil chemistry by substantially lowering the plastic index and liquid limits and creating a surface capable of supporting heavy loads. This is a unique process for the Upper Peninsula. Soils & Structures, Inc. provided Construction Material Testing for this project. This included creating mix designs for the lime stabilized clay and on site testing of the stabilized material.

Title: Walmart Supercenter #1936 Sitework
Location: Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
Postal code: 49783
Phase: complete
Delivery method: Design-Bid-Build
Budget: $4,000,000
Size: 22.0