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Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing | Soils & Structures

The Soils & Structures laboratory testing facility offers a wide range of geotechnical and construction materials testing services with prompt service and accurate results.

Our lab is dedicated to supporting our clients and engineering department by providing the numbers needed to assure the quality of the materials you use and to create solutions you can depend on.
We are an AASHTO accredited laboratory and we participate in a number of inter-laboratory studies and certifications to ensure the quality of our results, both as a laboratory and as individual testers. Last year we constructed a newly outfitted lab building purposed solely to maintaining the various controlled environments needed to perform testing with both safety and precision. Some of the tests we offer include:

Geotechnical and Soil Testing
Grain Size Analysis, D422
Atterberg Limits, D4318
Soil Classification, D2487, D2488
Unconfined Compression, D2166
Flexible Wall Permeability, D5084
Constant Head Permeability, D2434
Specific Gravity, D854
pH and Organic Content, D4972, D2974
California Bearing Ratio, D1883

Aggregate Testing
Sieve Analysis and Loss-by-Wash, C136, C117
Specific Gravity and Absorption, C127, C128
Modified and Standard Proctor, D1557, D698
Unit Weight, C29
L.A. Abrasion, C131
Sulfate Soundness, C88
Flat & Elongated Particles, D4791
Deleterious Particles, C142
Sand Equivalent Value, D2419
Concrete Testing
Compressive Strength, C39, C42
Beam Flexure, C78
Shrinkage, C157
Alkali-Silica Reactivity (ASR), C1260, C1567, C1293
Specific Gravity and Absorption, C642
Admixture Testing, C260, C494
Trial Batching

Asphalt Testing
Extraction, D2172
Gradation, D5444
Core Compaction, D2726
Theoretical Max Density, D2041
Marshall Bulk Specific Gravity, D6927
Stability and Flow, D6927

Masonry Testing
CMU Block Testing, C140
Clay Brick Testing, C67

Masonry Testing Includes:
Density, Absorption, Dimensions, Efflorescence
Grout Compressive Strength C109
Mortar Compressive Strength C1019